Tuesday, 13 March 2012

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& GCE "O" Level Mathematics Prediction

You may OVERCOME your constant fear for GCE "O" Level within this year 2012:

                ~  DO:  "Getting a 'A1' or 'A2' is not by chance... "
                            (Bear in mind: Practise makes perfect. No lady's or student's luck! )
~   DON't: "Last-minute study will be fine..."

           ~    Do:  "Plan, practise & manage/save time during exam"
                          (Bear in mind to do those "Sure" questions first)

                                             ~  DON't: "Aim a pass in Maths is enough..."
                                                               (Normally result turned out is one or two grade lower)

Take the systematic approach with a complete checklist
(1) Follow exam format papers for both Paper 1 & 2
(2) Understand the allocation marks & duration for each section of Paper 1 & Paper 2
(3) List out all big topics in Paper 2 (there are 10 of them to be exact)
(4) List out all big topics in Paper 1(there are more than 25 topics,etc similar figures,map & scale &
(5) Ten years series(TYS) in your hand left & own "written" manual/handbook in your left hand!

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